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Whether you’re buying a home, you’ve recently purchased a newly constructed home or you’re about to start building or renovating, BRC Property Inspections can provide you with detailed, comprehensive, easy to read reports. Our building and pest inspectors are fully licensed and insured with over 35 years experience.

BRC Property Inspections offer Dilapidation Inspections, Property Condition Reports, Off the Plan Inspections (also called Completion Inspections or Defect Inspections), Building Inspections, Pest Inspections, Strata Inspections, General Pest Sprays and Termite Control to the Greater Sydney area.

Dilapidation Inspection

Our Dilapidation Inspections comprehensively detail and clarify the existing state and condition of a structure, road, retaining walls, footpaths, etc prior to any excavation, dewatering and/or construction induced vibration at the commencement of any work being carried out on the neighbouring property or road. Our Dilapidation Reports specify (with supporting photographic evidence) the exact location and extent of any damaged, cracking or structural faults to public or private infrastructure.

We also perform Dilapidation Inspections after any construction or demolition occurs so you have a documented-record of any damage that has been caused.

The “Before and After” Dilapidation Report provides peace-of-mind for the owners, developers and contractors.

A Dilapidation Report or Property Condition Report is also useful for the developer or builder in defence of any unwarranted claims and complaints made by the owner of a neighbouring property for damage they believe your building works have caused as you will have documented evidence of the original condition.

The advantage of using BRC Property Inspections is that our reports are independent and conducted by experienced,  fully licenced, qualified and insured builders.

With over 15 years experience working for Leighton Contractors and 15 years as Director of BRC, Brett Childs has extensive experience conducting and writing Dilapidation Inspections.

PLEASE NOTE: We are licensed builders, not structural engineers. If your council requires the Dilapidation Survey to be completed by a structural engineer, it will cost in excess of three times what a builders report will cost. We recommend calling your council to check on their requirements and whether your report will require an engineer or builder.

We provide reports for civil construction companies, builders, architects, home owners as well as a large number of properties along government and private road widening projects and large developments

As part of a Development Application, most councils will require a Dilapidation Inspection on neighbouring structures which must be completed and submitted to Council with the Notice of Commencement prior to the commencement of any development work.

BRC inspections are independent, comprehensive and detailed. Our reports are easy to read with supportive photographic evidence included.

Property Condition Report

A Property Condition Report is a thorough inspection and report detailing the existing condition of a property. It is similar to the Dilapidation Report but it focuses on the property itself rather than the neighbouring public and private property for the purpose of protecting the property owner during a leasing period and the lessee for unwarranted claims and complaints following the period of tenancy. The inspection and report are completed by a licenced builder with over 35 years of experience.

Who needs a property condition report?

  • Production Companies
  • Location Managers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Private Landlords
  • Body Corporates & Strata Plan Managers
  • Property investment and development groups

For Production Companies, Location Managers and Ad Agencies, Property Condition Reports can help get a location over the line by creating accountability and protection for both you and the property owner. Whether you’re filming in a luxury home, on a private tennis court or swimming pool, or in a public location, a Condition Report is a valuable piece of insurance and a great way to minimise risk for all parties. Confidentiality is assured and we will happily sign NDAs as required. BRC Property Inspections are the preferred supplier to Disguised Productions Pty Ltd.

For property owners, tenants, real estate agents and property managers, a Property Condition Report can be conducted on homes, buildings or factories at the start or end of a leasing period as a more thorough and detailed bond inspection.

Completion/Off The Plan/Defect Inspection

A Building Completion or Defect Report is a final hand over inspection for the client purchasing a newly constructed property.

The inspection and report provides advice to the purchaser regarding the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and to identify the builder’s incomplete or defective work, poor workmanship, substandard installations and any other items that require resolving. The report includes the exact location, written details and supporting photographic evidence of all items.

Our detailed reports are conducted by fully licensed, insured, experienced builders and are completed to the National Construction Code and Building Code of Australia.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

An independent pre-purchase Building Inspection, conducted by an experienced, licenced, insured builder provides the potential purchaser of a property peace-of-mind regarding the condition of the home they’re interested in. The inspection takes approximately 1.5-2 hours and includes the interior and exterior of the building, roof void, sub-floor, roof exterior and site as per Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 and Property Inspections Residential buildings requirements.

The inspector looks for and reports on existing and potential problems.

BRC Building Reports can also include estimated costs to repair building defects found. This can be used to signify the extent of any damage and also, in some cases, as a negotiation tool.

The difference between our reports and other options available are that our reports are independent – we have no relationship with the vendor or the real estate agent, and you are our client. Our job is to ensure that you have all the facts available to make a great investment decision on the property you want to buy. As we are licensed and insured, with over 35 years experience, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive an unbiased, comprehensive report.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Our licensed building inspectors are also licensed pest inspectors so the pre-purchase Pest Inspection is generally conducted at the same time as our Building Inspections. The Pest Inspection is completed as per Australian Standard AS 4349.3-2010 Pest Inspection Residential Buildings.

The main purpose is to detect previous or current timber pest infestations such as borers and termites (white ants) and any damage caused. All findings and damage are compiled with a recommendation, either chemical or non-chemical, to remedy infestations or prevent future attack.

Our reports are independent, detailed and our inspectors are experienced, fully licensed and insured.

Strata Inspections

BRC Property Inspections carries out pre-purchase inspections on the records maintained by Owners Corporations. We report on the following matters in a clear and easy-to-read format:

  • Building defects – current and past building defect issues
  • Special levies – current, past and possible special levies
  • History of expenditures – general maintenance and capital items
  • Financial – owners funds and annual budget
  • Quarterly levies
  • Insurances
  • Harmony issues and animals
  • Notable matters

Other reports available are Community Title Inspections, Neighbourhood Title Inspections and Company Title Inspections.

General Pest Sprays and Termite Control

General Pest treatments are also available including the treatment of webbing spiders, common cockroaches, ants and carpet beetles.

Termite treatments and control are a must to protect your home from termite attack. If termite damage is found during a Pest Inspection, our inspector will provide a free quote once you have purchased the home.


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